Mobile Games Like Minecraft

Minecraft has been an inspiration for not only gamers themselves but also to many game developers worldwide. Due to this, there are plenty of games like Minecraft in existence and this is particularly true for the mobile platform.

Here, we list out all the fun mobile games like Minecraft currently available, regardless of which mobile platform they are on. Enjoy!

Minebuilder (Android/iOS)

Minebuilder is similar to Minecraft in many ways. The game offers a creative and survival mode, in addition to an in-depth crafting system. There are also tons of different types of blocks that you can mine for as well as plenty of animals and monsters to hunt. Best yet, the game is available in both single player, if you prefer playing on your own, and multiplayer, for when you'd like to play with your friends. If you're interested to play the game, Minebuilder can be purchased at a low price of $2.16 on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Minebuilder on Google Play
Minebuilder on the App Store

Terraria (Android/iOS)

Featuring beautiful 2D pixel-like graphics, Terraria has been touted as among the best RPG adaptation of Minecraft. In this game, players can explore a vast world both above ground and under it; build anything they like; craft a wide variety of equipment, tools, and even decorative items to spruce up their "home base"; complete quests; as well as defeat bosses and other monstrous creatures.

Terraria is sold at a reasonable price of $4.99 on Google Play and Apple App Store. It is also available on multiple platforms including on PC (Steam) and consoles (PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita).

Terraria on Google Play
Terraria on the App Store

uCraft (Android/iOS)

If you prefer a game like Minecraft that's actually similar to Minecraft but with a 2D appearance, you might enjoy playing uCraft. Named as a Minecraft simulator by the app's developers themselves, uCraft is a 2D Minecraft-like game where you can build anything you like! Explore the vast world, mine for a huge range of blocks, farm for crops, survive the monster onslaught at night.... or simply have fun carving a small niche of your own in the game's beautiful pixel world. Priced at a mere $1.99, uCraft is possibly the cheapest option you can get, so why not give it a try?

uCraft on Google Play
uCraft on the App Store.

Minecraft: Story Mode (Android/iOS)
Minecraft: Story Mode

Although some may argue that Minecraft: Story Mode is technically not a Minecraft-like game but rather a Minecraft-themed game, we still believe that every Minecraft-loving player would love to know about and play this game. After all, the game itself is somewhat sandbox-like, much like in Minecraft, since you'll be required to build and craft your way to solving various challenging puzzles. Not to mention, being a Telltale game, the story in this game is nothing short of superb, more so when every single decision you make will actually affect the overall storyline.

The game is technically "free" to download, but you will only get to play the first episode for free. To unlock other episodes, you'll need to pay $4.99 per episode. However, you could also opt for the multipack bundle which will give you access to the first 5 episodes, and subsequently, an Adventure Pass which will then unlock episodes 6 to 8. Admittedly, Minecraft: Story Mode can be very expensive to buy, but if you love great storytelling and you can't get enough of Minecraft, the cost can be pretty worth it!

Minecraft: Story Mode on Google Play
Minecraft: Story Mode on the App Store

Gem Miner 2 (Android)
Gem Miner 2

As opposed to being a 2D sandbox/adventure game like Terraria or uCraft, Gem Miner 2 is more of a 2D mining/adventure game where you play an adorably bearded miner who is setting out to seek his fortune by digging into the bowels of the earth in search of valuable gems and ancient artifacts. So, if you love the mining aspect of Minecraft more than its crafting, Gem Miner 2 might just be your next favorite game! The game is priced at an affordable $2.49.

Gem Miner 2 on Google Play

Block Earth (iOS)
Block Earth

For a price of $4.99, Block Earth is among the most well-designed, Minecraft-like sandbox game there is on the mobile platform... period! The game is very similar to most sandbox game where you'll get to craft and build whatever you want. However, unlike most games, you will be able to share the worlds you build, browse and play over 40,000 worlds created by other players, or even try out some of the readymade worlds available. Not to mention, the game also provides a more realistic appearance due to the game's advanced shading, resulting in higher-end graphics as compared to good ol' Minecraft.

Block Earth on the App Store

The Blockheads (Android/iOS)
The Blockheads

Featuring an isometric 2D look, the Blockheads is a free-to-play game where you can venture off into the world to explore and possibly discover hidden treasures. You can also collect blocks, craft and build almost everything you can see in the game through the game's many upgradable workbenches. The game even allows you to go fishing and open a shop so you can sell your wares. Interestingly, unlike Minecraft, you can teleport in more than 1 blockhead, allowing you to perform things at a much faster pace. You will also need to take good care of your blockheads, or they will do things a lot slowly or even collapse from sheer exhaustion.

The Blockheads on Google Play
The Blockheads on the App Store

Block Story (Android/iOS)
Block Story

Combining the popular sandbox/exploration genre with elements from an RPG, Block Story is a free-to-play game that allows you to truly enjoy an adventure of a lifetime as you set off on your noble quest to save the world. Complete a variety of quests, explore and discover wonderful new biomes, build strongholds to stake your claim on a piece of land, mine for materials to craft and/or upgrade your gear, and even battle challenging boss monsters for a chance at some glory and fame. You can also set up your own farm, as well as tame and ride on the backs of magnificent creatures, including a ferocious dragon.

Block Story on Google Play
Block Story on the App Store

Exploration Lite (Android)
Exploration Lite

If you simply want to play a game like Minecraft that's almost exactly like Minecraft, minus all the survival and the crafting, then you'll definitely enjoy playing Exploration Lite. Build whatever you like by placing blocks of varying shapes, types and sizes without needing to mine for or craft them in the first place. Similar to Minecraft's creative mode in many ways, you can also fly to make the whole building process easier. The only downside to the "lite" (free) version of this app, however, is the fact that you can't save your creations. You'll need to buy the premium game just so you could save your work.

Exploration Lite on Android

Growtopia (Android/iOS)

Despite its childish-looking 2D appearance, Growtopia is a rather unique, free-to-play social sandbox game in the sense that instead of collecting blocks of stuff and crafting items out of these blocks, you collect "seeds". You have a chance of getting seeds by destroying blocks in any blocks in the game. These seeds can then be combined via a Splicing process to produce new items and potentially new types of seeds. In some way, this app's crafting aspect is similar to an alchemy-type game. Due to the difficulty in discovering and crafting epic items, the game also has a pretty robust trading system whereby players trade gems (game currency) for items or seeds that they want.

Growtopia on Google Play
Growtopia on the App Store

WorldCraft (Android/ iOS)

Developed by PlayLabs, WorldCraft is another game that's almost exactly like Minecraft but with nicer graphics and hence, a more entertaining gameplay experience. There are 2 game modes you can play – survival or creative in single player, or multiplayer. Oddly enough, the game is available for free on Android but will cost you $0.99 on iOS.

World Craft on Google Play
WorldCraft on the App Store

Blocksworld (iOS)

Developed by Linden Research, a sister company of Linden Labs the developers behind the hugely popular virtual world game, Second Life, Blocksworld is a child-friendly, free-to-play sandbox game that has a pretty unique, Lego-like appearance. In this game, you can make and sell custom models or your own mini-games, and trade them with other players worldwide to earn coins. You can then use these coins to purchase models that you want for your own creation, or best yet – you can even withdraw your virtual earnings for real cash! You can also play worlds built by other players or build one of your own.

Blocksworld on the App Store

Block Craft 3D (Android/iOS)
Block Craft 3D

Being a sandbox game with unparalleled freedom to create just about anything you'd like in an unlimited open world, Block Craft 3D is a free-to-play sandbox mobile game that doesn't only allow you to build stuff on your own – you can even drop by your friends' places for a visit, to help them out with their creations... and maybe to steal some inspiration!

You can also sell off the buildings you've constructed for gems, customize and dressy our avatar to your liking, and according to the newest update, you can now adopt and play with animals as well.

Block Craft 3D on Google Play
Block Craft 3D on the App Store

Browser Games Like Minecraft

Mineblocks - Browser Games Like Minecraft

Mine Blocks is a Minecraft clone that is has turned the usual Minecraft game into a 2D, pixel version.

Mad Digger
Mad Digger - Browser Games Like Minecraft

Dig through tons of soil blocks while collecting as many minerals as you can along the way.

Rot - Browser Games Like Minecraft

Rot is a voxel-based survival shooter game where you need to survive for as many days as you can by clearing your location of all surrounding zombies.

PC Games Like Minecraft

Trove - PC Games like Minecraft

Trove is among the most popular free-to-play MMORPG/ sandbox game.

Roblox - PC Games Like Minecrafts

Roblox is an amazingly fun, free-to-play site where players can enjoy the multitude of player-created games.

Kogama - PC Games Like Minecraft

Kogama is a free-to-play sandbox game that you can play directly from your browser.

Online Games Like Minecraft

Cube World
Cube World - PC Games like Minecraft

You can enjoy all the best things in a sandbox/RPG game in glorious 3D in Cube World.

Blockland - PC Games Like Minecrafts

For a pure and plain sandbox experience, much like Minecraft's creative mode, you can check out Blockland. In this game, you're free to create whatever you want and however you want it!

Cubic Castles
Cubic Castles - PC Games Like Minecraft

Cubic Castles is a fun free-to-play sandbox MMORPG with absolutely adorable characters. In this game, you will get a realm to call your own.

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